The God of the Bible has a plan for us. It begins with a right relationship with Him, and this is why God sent His only Son to this earth. Jesus gave His life on a cross. Faith only in Jesus, and what He accomplished on that cross is vital.  Trust in Jesus while you still have time.


We want to invite all you to our upcoming Church Anniversary on Sunday, October 23rd. Services will be at 10am, followed by a  luncheon, and evening services at 5pm. We thank God for His goodness to us, and the privilege we've had to serve Him together these last 29 years. Come and be a part, and pray for God's blessing and will in this special service.

Sundays -10am & 5pm

Wednesdays- 7pm


There are many people that claim to be Christians. In this series of messages, we are going to look at the lives of several people in the Bible who were radically transformed by God's grace when they were saved! When God saves someone, their lives change. Have you experienced the life-transforming power of a relationship with Jesus Christ?

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