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Jesus taught as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be when He returns to this earth (Matthew 25:27). So what was it like in Noah's day? The imaginations of mankind had become evil, and violence filled the earth (Genesis 6:11).  Sound familiar? A day can't pass it seems without some sort of violence making headline news. Noah and his family, perhaps others, were used of God to build an Ark.  In the midst of corruption, the Ark represented the means to be delivered from judgment that would fall upon earth. Fast forward to 2023. What we see in our world today, is the sure prelude of another judgment that Jesus said will take place (Matthew 24:21). Just as God kept His word back then, it will be fulfilled in the future. This is why Christ came and gave his life on the cross and arose on the 3rd day.  Jesus Christ offers salvation to all who believe in Him. Friend, we pray you will decide to  place your faith in Christ today before its eternally too late. Join us for our services and lets grow together in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sundays 10am & 5pm

Wednesdays 7pm


As we continue to dig deeper in our series through the book of Revelation, we want to make the first section of messages of available to you here. These first 8 messages will introduce the book of Revelation and look at the seven letters to the churches. 

We trust these messages will remind you of the hope that we have in our wonderful Lord and encourage you to keep pressing on until Jesus comes!

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