About Mt. Taylor Baptist Church

All of us see life through different lenses. For some its through the
eyes of  Hollywood, for some through family, and for many today its
through the view of social media. However you see life, its possible
to view it and not see it the way God intended.  Everyday we are
reminded that there is something wrong with the world in which we 
live. That's because of sin's impact into the world (Romans 5:12).
However, God knows what we all need, and this is why HE sent His
only Son into the world to give His life for your salvation. At MTBC, we recognize that we need a Savior,
and we believe that Savior is Jesus.  A relationship with God through His own Son JESUS that allows us
to see life how God intended. He is not only the answer for my salvation, but for our very purpose
and direction each day. Join us for any service, and discover a spiritual family that is concerned for what
God is doing, and who try to encourage one another, as we strive to live for Him who gave it all for us.