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© 2016 Mt Taylor Baptist Church. | 312 E. Stephens Ave. | Grants, NM 87020

About Mt. Taylor Baptist Church

Everyone has a story to tell. I believe no matter what you have experienced,

good or bad, your future can be filled with direction and sustaining joy that comes

with a authentic relationship with the Lord Jesus. Mt Taylor Baptist Church is made up of people that recognize they are not perfect, but have discovered their need for the living Christ spoken of in scripture. I'm sure you will meet some would-be disciples like any other ministry, but overall, I believe our folks share a common faith anchored in Jesus Christ.  Maybe you have questions about Christianity, and maybe you are seeking like the wise men.  We believe salvation can only be found in one born in Bethlehem's manger- Jesus Christ, and that  He alone offers each of us forgiveness of sins, and eternal life through faith in Him. It God's gift of redemption. Come and visit with us, and I will be glad to sit with you and hear your story, and with God's help try to answer your questions with the Word of God. We cordially invite you and your family to come and visit with us in any of our worship services. 


Byron Sarracino